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COVID-19 concerns (3/15/20 6:30 PM)

Hello everyone,
I see the schools around me have closed and I’m sure you’re wondering if we are following suit. At this time I’m staying open. I feel that the number of people in the dojo at the same time is under the guidelines of CDC, and if we make a few more changes we can get through this.
The tournament will be moved to Saturday May 2nd from 12noon to 3:00pm, anyone that missed the deadline to sign up is now free to slide in.
Yesterdays email detailed our standard cleaning protocol that we have always had in place. Now in¬†addition, we will be asking that all the kids wash their hands before and after class, no more sparring, keeping a bigger distance in class, and no more takedowns to lessen the person to person contact. The cards will not be passed back and forth, we will ask the kids to hold them up to us and we will sign off whatever is needed. Plan on the dojo being colder, we will be opening windows whenever we can to get fresh air in. We do have an excellent air exchange in the dojo though, it is fully refreshed about every 15 minutes. We will limit the use of hand targets and kick bags to lower risk, they’re also disinfected everyday. Dodgeball will also replaced with other games, Sensei’s will be getting creative!
Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I understand that this is serious and unprecedented, but we can also provide your child a sense of normalcy, routine, discipline, and an outlet as I’m sure they will be driving you nuts at home!

Thank you,

Cheryl Roy-Stuteville 7th Dan

Owner/Chief Instructor

Villaris Self Defense Center

51 Pequawket Trail

Standish, ME 04084



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