Master Cheryl Roy opened her branch of the Villari franchise in 1996. She achieved the rank of Master in 2005 and is one of the youngest in the Villari system to do so. Master Cheryl has been studying the arts for over 30 years, studying under Master Richard Roy, Master Mike Johnson, Master Dave Laggeri, and Master Dave Boise. “To teach is to touch a life forever” is one of her favorite sayings and hopes that everyone that passes through her doors gets more out of training than just learning to defend themselves.


Sensei Malinda Goulet and Sensei Ted Goulet are 4th Degree Black Belts who started in 1998 and have been instructing at Villaris since 2002. They also have 2 children who have also achieved 4th degree Black Belt in 2013. “Training at Villaris has enhanced all aspects of my life. It has given me more confidence, focus and discipline. It is very gratifying to see the progress the students make as they go through the levels.”

Sensei Bonnie Houghton is a 4th Degree Black Belt and has been at Villaris for over 15 years.

Sensei Mark Bickford I love teaching! Both here at the dojo and at the high school at which I teach English. I enjoy helping the students develop skills and build confidence.

Sensei Nick Sweatt
I started training at Villari’s in 2009. I enjoy teaching the kids because I like helping the younger students and watching them learn and improve over time. Martial arts is a big part of my life.

Sensei Susan Trafford started karate on 2006 after her two boys go their Black Belts. She has been a part of this dojo since almost the beginning. She has a very patient and quiet way about teaching that helps the kids find their confidence. Her husband Darryl has been a big supporter of the family in karate and you’ll find him at our Black Belt Test picnics grilling the burgers. Susan will be testing for her 4th degree Black Belt in the summer of 2018.

Sensei Crystal Johnson
I watched my daughter start karate in 2004, moving up through the belt level ranks, I watched my daughter start karate in 2004, moving up through the belt level ranks, learning confidence, respect and self-defense along the way. The instructors were knowledgeable and taught each student that everyone has their own journey in Martial Arts. With each level she achieved, encouraged the desire to want to reach the next, and to do it well. After watching many of her classes, it was in 2006 that I began my journey at Villari’s, studying under Master Cheryl. I have developed more confidence and discipline during my training, that I also use in everyday life. I went from student to sensei, and I enjoy working with the students. It is very rewarding to see them learn and perform, as they go through the ranks.

Sensei John Qualey
I’ve been studying Martial Arts at Standish Villaris just over 6 years. I began classes a couple years after my son Aidan and daughter Samara joined the dojo. My son earned his Black belt and now has moved onto college and my daughter is currently working on her Brown belt. I enjoy instructing here at Standish Villaris because it generates a family like environment with both students and Sensei’s. It’s a great experience to teach and watch the students advance in their art and see them grow as individuals.

Sensei Charles Whidden 2nd Dan Charles has been with Villari’s for over 15 years, his daughter Samantha for 5 years. He enjoys teaching and seeing the development of all the people at the dojo. He’s an enthusiastic teacher that can get anybody excited about the martial arts.

Sensei Taylor Johnson
I began karate at the age of 3 ½, and continue to enjoy it very much. I achieved the rank of 2nd degree black belt at age 13, and have accomplished goals that I’ve set for myself. Martial Arts has helped me build confidence, character and strength. I believe anyone can do anything they set their mind to. I hope the younger students continue their paths and achieve their goals, as I have. I enjoy teaching them and being a part of their experiences.

Instructor Adam Tanguay

What I love is the mental and physical discipline learned through our study of the martial arts. I also love that it is an activity I started with my own kids, and we have progressed together since the beginning. I have been teaching for 5 years and I enjoy watching kids grow in confidence as they develop skills and obtain new ranks.

Sensei Dan Simpson
I began my training in 2004 in part as a fun activity I could share with my sons. It wasn’t long before fun evolved into passion and commitment for not only the art, but for all the people both young and old who have chosen to join our dojo. It is my pleasure and honor to be both student and teacher here at Villari’s School of Self Defense. Sharing what I know isn’t limited to martial arts. For the last 30 years I have spent most of my days lecturing at local industries and training within the community college system on topics related to current technologies in automated control systems. My approach in either case is to do my best to make sure you have the tools and knowledge you need to succeed!

Sensei Colette Collins
My Villaris journey began in 2004 when we signed up our 6 year old son, Tyler for Karate camp. We where looking for him to gain some discipline and self control. A place for him to apply his energy. He was hooked and our daughter Kaylee wanted to join too and we felt she too could reap the same benefits. When you sit in the lobby area and watch your children gain self confidence, self control, how to work as a team and to grow as an individual you too want to join in and that is exactly what I did. I joined the Villaris family in 2005 as a student and enjoyed being able to share this journey with my children. I went from a student to and assistant instructor to a Sensei and I love every moment of it. It is another extension of who I am. Changing and influencing lives through teaching in the SAD# 6 district by day and Villaris by night. I am proud to be part of the Villaris family and look forward to continuing to share the martial arts craft and guiding students to their full potential.
-It take a village to raise a child

Sensei Courtney Goulet
When I started taking classes 17 years ago, I was not much of a leader. Now I can communicate with kids I am teaching and fellow instructors. Through teaching karate I have learned quite a bit about my myself and have gained leadership skills and confidence along the way.

Sensei Josh Goulet

Josh has been with Villaris now for over 20 years. He started at 3 yrs old and has been steady in class until he went to college. He is now back in class and enjoys challenging himself to be better physically and to show improvement in his martial art skills. He likes to help the kids mature and improve. He feels that martial arts training has a long term impact on every kid, and likes to be a part of that. All the kids are drawn to Josh and look up too him as a role model.

Certified Yoga Instructor Jillene Jones

I found yoga after high school to stay active and transition away from a full dance schedule. Yoga helped me to establish a stronger mind body connection and I’m hooked on the practice! There is a constant evolution to my practice, as I continue to incorporate new styles and expand my yoga experiences. I received my 200 hr RYT Yoga Alliance Certification from Well Heart Yoga in 2012 and have been teaching since. I love sharing my style of yoga with my community, including: volunteer classes for the staff at the Maine Veteran’s Home, teaching for the MSAD 6 Adult Education program,one-on-one sessions with physical therapy clients and incorporating yoga for children, at the elementary school level, into daily calming techniques. I am also a licensed Massage Therapist and certified Reiki practitioner. When I’m off my mat, being with my family is my favorite thing!