Rates & Payment Policies

Introductory special – All ages – $30.00 includes 2 group classes and a free uniform.

Fees are due monthly –  Juniors (5-7 years), Pre-Teens (8-11 years),  Young Adults (12-15 yrs), Adults (16+)
All age groups cost the same

Family rates – 10% off for the second member, 50% off for the third or more members!

Privates are with 7th Degree, Master Cheryl Roy-Stuteville or can be scheduled with any of her Brown/Black Belt instructors

Basic Programs

$80.00 a month
for 1 class a week

$100.00 a month
for 2 classes a week
(Discounted, Savings of $40!)

Advanced Training

$120.00 a month
for 1 class a week and
1 private a month

$140.00 a month
for 2 classes a week and
1 private a month

Pay with an automatic withdrawal from checking and save an additional $5 off your tuition costs!

 $40 monthly for 4 classes

$15 drop in fee

Missed Classes: Miss a class due to vacation, sickness, etc. Make them up at any time by coming to any additional classes that are for your age/rank. Monthly payment is still due on the required date. This is also true for any time the dojo is closed for bad weather, special events, or holidays. All closings will be posted on the website calendar. Our winter policy is to close only for bad ice storms, no power, or around a foot of snow. It will also be posted on WCSH 6.

Canceling Membership: Villaris must be notified in order to suspend classes or to discontinue the program, if not done an invoice will be sent or your card will be automatically charged on the due date. A phone call, email, or hand written note will suffice.

Private Lessons: One on one private sessions can be done at any scheduled time with Master Cheryl or any of her Brown/Black Belt instructors. Sessions are 30 minutes and are $40 with Master Cheryl and $30 with any other Brown/Black Belt Instructor. See the online schedule on this website.  Anything that is marked “OPEN” is available, just email Master Cheryl the date & time you want and she’ll get you on the schedule. Privates can be done with up to 3 people, and are an excellent way to get your cards signed, get new material, or go for stripes. We encourage taping lessons with your iphones, ipad, etc

No refunds after 3 business days.