“Never too old to teach an old dog new stuff.  At 51 years old I started taking classes at Villari’s.  I have always been interested in martial arts and am glad I took a chance.  It’s a great work out.   I’m not a person who is waiting for an attacker to jump out at me, but I will say I DO feel more confident that I could handle a situation if it ever came up.


Try something new.  Master Cheryl is very welcoming.”

Tom Hopkins-adult class

I think Dr. Kenneth Cooper said it best when he said “Fitness is a journey not a destination. It must be continued for the rest of your life”. Hi, my name is Julie and I began my journey to fitness 10 months ago this month, when I finally decided to stop driving by Villari’s dojo and to go inside. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in regards to fitness. I feel and look better than I have in fifteen years! And if that’s not enough, I feel more confident every week that I can defend myself if put in a harmful situation. Karate is an addiction for me; I crave it and look forward to the two days a week that I go. I no longer dread Mondays because I look forward to the Monday night class. Take the karate two week challenge with master Cheryl Roy, you won’t regret it and will undoubtedly be thanking her for the rest of your life! I can’t say enough about Master Cheryl Roy and Villari’s (because there aren’t enough lines on this sheet of paper) Please, I urge you…no I challenge you to challenge yourself and come find out what it feels like to be in your best physical shape possible, to look and feel better than you have in a very long time, to be able to protect and defend yourself and to have a great time doing it! Villari’s is a very fun friendly atmosphere! One last piece of motivation; My mother is 55 years old and decided to take the journey to fitness with me. We are now purple belts, soon to be blue belts and are both loving it. Our advice to you “Just do it”. Karate is wonderful for the mind, body and soul!


I have been doing karate for 7 1/2 years. Karate has taught me never to give up. I have made a lot of friends at Karate. Karate is fun and hard work at the same time, but you feel really “SWEET” when you get your black belt.

Joshua (10)

Nicholas has developed his self-confidence and self-esteem. The instruction is tailored so well to the kids, that it has been a very comfortable atmosphere for him. We’ve noticed that Nicholas is becoming more independent, and works to achieve the goals he sets for himself in karate, and it’s carried over to his everyday life.

Stacey & Brent

I like karate because Kacy chokes me every day and I like knowing how to defend myself!!!

Jacklyn (9)

Karate is my three hours a week of physical and mental release! I am stronger mentally and physically thanks to Master Cheryl. She is a unique person, very capable of making anyone feel more in control of themselves and their lives! I owe my sanity to karate and Master Cheryl.

Laurie (36)

I enjoy taking karate classes and look forward to coming each week. It is great exercise and helps me stay physically fit.

Kristine (37)

I love going to karate and karate camp is the best.

Nicole P (4)

Karate is fun, energetic, and I like it a lot.

Lane P (8)

I think it affected me a lot, because it just gives me more self confidence and motivation everyday. I worked hard to to get this far, and I am not turning back. – age 13

Updated August 5th 2019-

My martial arts journey began in 1999 when I took my very first karate class as a shy (yet energetic) 7 year old. My 20 years at Villari’s have been quite the adventure! I’ve found confidence in myself and a new appreciation in what my body can accomplish if I put in the effort. I received my first degree black belt at 12 years old. At the time, I assumed that would be the highlight of my martial arts experience, but in reality it was just a stepping stone. I went from a student to an assistant instructor to a Sensei and now a Master. I wouldn’t be where I am today without every instructor who has taught me or helped me in one of my own classes. And as an instructor, I definitely learn a lot from my students. Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing one of them testing for their next belt or improving on a form they’ve been practicing.

Martial Arts to me has always been more than just taking a few classes a week and testing for a new belt. I’ve made lifelong friends here. I’ve learned how to take down a person twice my size. I’ve stayed up past midnight practicing for tournaments with my brother. I’ve gained more confidence and leadership skills than I could have ever imagined.


Ever since my son began studying karate, his self-confidence has gone through the roof. He is also much more respectful and responsible at home and school.


Practicing and teaching karate has made me a stronger, more confident and determined person. As a black belt instructor, I only have positive experiences to describe my time at Villari’s. All of the instructors are welcoming and knowledgeable in everything they teach. I have found teaching to be a really great experience as well. I not only help students to learn, but they also help me improve. As a college freshman, I feel safe knowing that I can protect myself. I feel that the skills and knowledge I have gained while practicing and teaching at Villaris Studios are invaluable to my everyday life.

Allison (18)

I initially decided to join karate for the exercise, but then soon realized the importance of learning how to defend and protect myself. Master Cheryl is a great instructor and pays equal attention to all belt levels. Her classes are fun and physically challenging and I am always glad I went.

Kari P (35)

My daughter Emilie started kindergarten and had focusing issues. She came to Sensei Cheryl and has learned focusing, dedication and respect. Her self-esteem has been helped so much. I would definitely recommend Standish Villari’s. Heidi (parent)

Emilie (7)

I have always been interested in martial arts. When my son started taking lessons he would ask me for help with a grab or a combination. I didn’t know what sumo and combination #6 were. I decided to start taking lessons myself. Not only are we learning self defense, my son is learning strong values such as honor, courage and commitment.

Tim (31)

My sons confidence level has increased dramatically since starting at Villari’s. He is excited and diligent about progressing through the belts with self discipline and practice. He is respectful of others and himself and enjoys the respect of his peers.

Garrett (11)

Both of my children have been taking karate at Villaris for the past 5 years. I consider this to be one of the best choices that has been made for them. I will always be grateful for the wonderful qualities that karate instilled in them at such a young age. Self confidence would be one that I would say has been the most noticeable. My daughter Kayli is 8 years old and this past spring her Great Grandmother passed away at the age of 90. The funeral was held at a nice church in Augusta with approximately 100 people attending. As the service went on, the minister asked if anyone would like to stand up and say anything about Martha Leavitt. Much to my surprise Kayli had taken it upon herself to pre-write a special message to her Great Grandmother, Kayli stood up with lots of confidence and went to the alter and read her message, with her voice clear and held high. It was one of my proudest moments as a parent. Since karate is an individual sport and having been in a lot of tournaments, she has developed great confidence in herself. My son Jesse will test for his Black Belt in November, just a few months before his 10th birthday. What a huge accomplishment! All this comes from discipline, commitment, self confidence, and the will to be everything you can be. A black belt achievement will be something that he can be proud of for many years to come. Master Cheryl is a wonderful teacher. She has a great influence in my children’s lives and I will always be grateful for that.

Stacie L.

What I enjoy most about the arts is being able to pass the knowledge on to others. I enjoy learning so that others who enjoy the arts may learn it from a different point of view, as each person conveys it differently.

Paul (42)

I just started Karate at Villari’s in June with my son 8, and my daughter 6. We all love learning at each level and progressing together. We have a friendly competition, but cheer each other on at the same time. We all have improved balance, flexibility, strength, and discipline. It is great to have something to do together as a family that is both fun and rewarding.


My son has come for almost 2 years and the one thing he really has learned is not to give up on himself so easy. He use to get upset with himself really fast when things went wrong, but now thanks to the teaching of Master Cheryl, he has learned to overcome it.

Noah (8)

I have been studying martial arts since 9/97. I love the fun I have learning to defend myself while keeping myself in shape. I notice I have a lot more confidence in myself, as well as energy.

Bonnie (35)

Villari’s has helped Tyler channel his emotions and deal with them in an appropriate manner. He loves the challenge of learning new things and mastering them. It has helped Kaylee with her focus on the task at hand. It’s also a comfort to know that they will know how to protect themselves if need be. Villari’s adult class is an awesome workout with lots of variety. Each class is challenging and fun. I always leave feeling energized and excited about the next class. Wondering what I am going to learn next and which body part will hurt most. Master Cheryl is an awesome person and instructor who makes it look so easy that you strive to learn more. It’s just one more thing a family can have fun doing together.

Colette (35)